Grow Your Podcast Engagement Like Never Before

Smart Podcast Player accelerates podcast traffic, downloads, and subscriber growth.

Here’s the full podcast player in action with my podcast. Play around with it!

And here’s the single track player, which is perfect for your blog post show notes!

Why I Use Smart Podcast Player

Chris Ducker, Online Business Expert

Pat and his team behind the Smart Podcast Player have truly outdone themselves. Slick, easy to install and customize and with a flawless user experience, this is quite frankly the future of professional podcasting.

I highly recommend it… with bells on!

Chris Ducker

Works with any feed, from any host, anywhere.

The Smart Podcast Player is compatible with any podcast RSS feed from any podcast hosting service, including Libsyn, SoundCloud, and BuzzSprout.

smart podcast player

Smart Podcast Player

Look amazing in a design handcrafted to impress.

The sleek design of the Smart Podcast Player will look right at home on your website or blog.

Display your podcast artwork. Customize the color of the audio track bar. Even toggle the color of the full player between a light- or dark-colored theme.

Whatever your brand color palette, the Smart Podcast Player can be made to match.

Let your listeners explore, discover, and share.

The Smart Podcast Player’s interactive library allows your listeners to explore past episodes in your backlist without interrupting the episode that’s playing.

The player also empowers your listeners to search your backlist by tag, download their favorite episodes in MP3 format, and share episodes with their friends.

Smart Podcast Player

The Best in the Business Believe in SPP

Everything You’d Want in a Podcast Player

Play one episode or your entire library

For your homepage, display the full player for maximum utility. For blog posts, display the single track player for the featured episode.

Speed up or slow down the playback

Your listeners can control the speed of the currently playing episode just like they enjoy doing when they use today’s latest podcast mobile apps.

Supports all MP3-based podcast feeds

The Smart Podcast Player is compatible with any MP3 podcast’s RSS feed. If it works in iTunes, it works in the Smart Podcast Player.

Download episodes from the player

Your listeners can download episodes directly from the player with our easy-to-find download button, which is available in the single track player too.

Updates your library automatically

Your library of episodes updates automatically anytime you publish a new episode to your feed. All metadata is available, episode description included.

Mobile friendly

The Smart Podcast Player adjusts responsively to all mobile devices—tablets and smart phones—to give your mobile listeners an optimal experience.

Easy social media sharing

Your listeners will enjoy being able to share their favorite episodes of your podcast easily with their friends and family on social media and via email.

Quickly sort through past episodes

The convenient sorting and paging options empower your listeners to jump back to past episodes that they may have missed or want to enjoy again.

System Requirements

A WordPress Plugin Only

Smart Podcast Player

The Smart Podcast Player plays nicely with all web browsers and mobile platforms. The Smart Podcast Player is a WordPress plugin engineered to work with WordPress 3.8+. The player is built in HTML5 and requires JavaScript to function properly.

The player is compatible with the following web browsers and mobile operating systems: Internet Explorer 9+, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Android 4+, Apple iOS 5+

Why I Made Smart Podcast Player

Pat Flynn, Creator of the Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn

I’m thrilled to share the Smart Podcast Player with you! I created this custom player with my team because I wanted a better listening experience for my audience. They deserve the best.

After sharing the player with my audience, I received hundreds of requests from other podcasters who wanted to use the player too, and so the Smart Podcast Player was born.

You put an immense amount of time and care into creating your podcast; the player you use should reflect that. My team and I have put the same attention and care into building the Smart Podcast Player. I know that you (and your listeners) will love it.